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Gold Coast Desalination Plant

Principal: Gold Coast Desalination Alliance (GCDA)

Contractor : Enviropacific Services

Engineer: E3 Consult

Date: Feb 2009

Scope/Product: CL9000 Vinyl Sheet Piles - 330m of Cut Off Wall at 5.8m Depth


At the recently completed Gold Coast desalination plant a cut off wall was required to stop the mitigation of landfill gases from the adjacent waste profile. A number of cut off systems were proposed. E3Consult specified the use of vinyl sheet piles as a fast and cost effective solution that provided no mess (unlike slurry walls) or disruption to the surrounding equipment.

Key Requirements and Scope:

The system consists of the CL9000 vinyl sheet pile installed to a depth of 5.8m below ground level. The wall was constructed along the interface with the GC Desalination site and the historical landfill waste profile. The wall was predominantly installed through the engineered fill as well as areas of landfill waste. The vinyl sheet pile wall was then complimented with a landfill gas drainage system consisting of a 1800mm deep and 300mm wide trench backfilled with drainage media and pipe work to control the venting of gases.

"Vinyl sheet piles allowed us to provide a cut-off barrier wall with appropriate corrosion resistance in an environment exposed to saline water and landfill leachate to achieve a barrier of the contaminants within the required time frame. Something that wasn't achievable with alternative cut-off wall options." Greg Hopgood, Environmental Engineer

Solutions and Benefits:

  • Installation proved successful with driving the sheet piles to the desired depth and keeping vibrations to minimum. All vibration levels were monitored closely due the sensitive plant and machinery and equipment located only metres away.
  • The use of the C-LOC vinyl sheet piles also allowed the client to achieve an extremely long design life, something that was unachievable with alternative cut off methods.
  • Vinyl sheet piles are made from recycled PVC and come with a 50 year product warranty.
  • Vinyl sheet piles have been successfully used throughout Australia and abroad on a myriad of projects. They have been specified on a number of projects around the country and are currently being used for South Australia Water, Parks Victoria and a number of government organisations throughout NSW and QLD in cut off applications. 

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