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Southern Cross II

Principal: Multiplex Developments

Contractor : Brookfield Multiplex

Engineer: AECOM

Date: 2008

Scope/Product: HISTAR 460 grade columns




The development of the Southern Cross project located in Melbourne's CBD near the corner of Exhibition and Bourke Streets, comprised of two towers (1x40, 1x20) built on a large transfer slab where five levels of basement parking provided the platform for construction.

Key Requirements and Scope:

Timing and speed were the key issues for Multiplex Developments for this landmark project. Due to the prior completion of the basement Multiplex elected to design and build the towers using structural steel for their light weight efficiencies and speed providing more effective building solutions for:

  • Floor Plates – 85m x 35m
  • Floor area (TBA)
  • Construction for Towers (TBA)
  • Commercial Areas
  • Gym

"Using Histar columns benefited us in multiple ways: from reduction in construction time and potential OHS risks to increase in the net lettable-sellable floor space." Multiplex Project Team

Solutions and Benefits:

  • Light weight structure using structural steel was used to achieve the design and structural capacities to deliver a 5 star quality project
  • First level floor height of 4.8m was required for services and facility management. The HISTAR HD400x897 was used for the columns applications meeting and achieving the buckling moments, these columns are concrete encased for additional compressive strength
  • Floor to floor heights of 3.9m for the typical tower floors allowed for easy access for all services
  • HISTAR HD400x553 were used from levels 2 to 11, levels 12 to 20 HISTAR HD400x278 was used. This approach using smaller sections moving up the tower allowed for cost efficiencies
  • The large floor plates of 6,500m2 were constructed on a 7 to 6 day cycles. The erection of the columns for three floors were achieved with each lift
  • Construction staff to build these structural steel towers numbered 60 in total to complete the structural steel erection, sheer studs and decking and placement of concrete where traditionally 120 staff would be used for concrete structures
  • The glass curtain wall facade was quickly and easily installed as the construction tolerances were within 5mm for slab edge tolerances
  • Following trades commenced installation for the services only one level under the working deck
  • No back propping was required throughout the construction allowing for clean and safe work areas providing improved OH&S working environments


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