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Third Wave Kiosk

Winner of Best Cafe Design - Australia & New Zealand, by 2012 Eat-Drink-Design Award

Winner of Small Project Architecture, by 2013 Victorian Architecture Awards

Best Canteen - UK & International, by 2013 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

Small Project Architecture Commendation, by 2013 National Architecture Awards

Many of us have fond memories of our summer holidays spent at the beach. A day out in the surf and sun usually ending with an afternoon pilgrimage to the local kiosk, dashing over hot sand in search of a cool drink or ice cream. 

The Third Wave Kiosk located around 20km south of Geelong in Victoria encapsulates these authentic images and incorporates an interesting design feature. The main structure purposefully utilises recycled steel sheet piles to form a striking yet natural aesthetic.

The GU7S sheet piles manufactured by ArcelorMittal are exclusively distributed by J Steel Australasia. These form the architectural façade as well as the structural component of the building.

This design is clever, sustainable and efficient design utilising recycled steel.

The weathered patina of the steel piles blend in to the surrounding environment, complimenting the surrounding cliffs.

The GU7S steel sheet piles were originally supplie new into a project for an environmental government department in South Australia. In a previous life these sheet piles were holding back crucial water supplies for local farmers, indigenous communities and supporting the delicate ecosystem in this region of the Murray River. This structure allowed the continuation of life in this sensitive wetland area.

Now they stand proud as part of the Third Wave kiosk project. Recycled sheet piles facilitated an efficient system of construction, economically and structurally. Sheet piles by their nature, are self-supporting elements which are linked together with no mechanical fixings and require no permanent footings.

The same sheet pile profile was also used as permanent retaining walls for the alfresco terrace and lookout; permanent formwork for the building slab; and as the primary structure and facade of the building. This eliminated the need for a traditional two component sub-frame and cladding system. The building and surrounding sheet pile structures could be very easily dismantled and re-erected if required, or the sheet piles reused for other purposes. The use of materials in this way and the fact that the GU7S sheet piles had been used previously reduces the projects embodied energy.

Socially, the kiosk provides an important landmark and meeting point for the local community and services the growing number of tourists and recreational users that swarm to this coastal region throughout the year.

All steel sheet piles and structural sections from ArcelorMittal mills in Luxembourg, Europe are manufactured from 100% recycled scrap steel and are available exclusively through J Steel Australasia.

Third Wave Kiosk was also nominated for an award by the following :

  • Architecture Australia
  • Artichoke Magazine
  • BeanScene Magazine
  • Entering Architecture Awards
  • Entering UK Design Awards
  • Green Magazine
  • Michael Hobba
  • Urbis Magazine



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