Seminars & Training

A foundation of our service offering is technical knowledge and expertise. With in house engineers and a global network of engineering resources we wish to share our knowledge and experiences.

We run a series of half day seminars throughout Australasia. These are open to the public and focus on specific technical issues relating to design, fabrication and construction. Our aim is to provide information and value to the attendees, to educate them and equip them in their role.  The success of this can be measured by the number of attendees (engineers and contractors) that come back. Members of our website will receive personal notification of these events well in advance.

In house training or information lunches provide an intimate opportunity for a team of people to discuss and explore specific or general points of interest. For example an engineering office may be interested in discussing the different steel grades available for use in a marine environment, or the design principles of 460MPa grade HISTAR columns. A construction team may be provided with practical training on the installation of a high section modulus combi-wall or an articulated tie rod system to assist in the planning and execution of a project.

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